Century Tisora
at Dodballapura Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore

2,2.5, 3 & 4 BHK Premium Villa Plots

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This project is approved by UP RERA
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Project Highlights:-
SUPER UTILITY FEATURES - The best-in-class design layouts QUICK PRODUCT UPTAKE - A fast-selling product that meets different market demands & buyer profiles.
MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE - Spaces equipped with upgraded features ROI-DRIVEN ASSET - A promising future with extensive growth opportunities
EXCELLENT LOCATION - At the core of the growth of Western Pune


Introduction to Century Tisora

Welcome to the epitome of luxury living in Bangalore - Century Tisora Nestled in the serene surroundings of Doddaballapur Main Road, this exquisite residential project offers a haven for those seeking a life of opulence and tranquility. With its impeccable design, top-notch amenities, and commitment to sustainable living, Century Tisora stands apart as a true gem in the real estate landscape of Bangalore. Whether you are looking for spacious villa plots or luxurious villas, Century Tisora has it all! So let's dive into the details and discover why Century Tisora is the ideal choice for your dream home.

Location and Accessibility

Century Tisora is strategically located on Doddaballapur Main Road, Bangalore, offering residents a prime location with excellent connectivity. Situated near Prestige Royale Gardens, this luxury villa plot project enjoys easy access to major highways like NH-44 and the upcoming Peripheral Ring Road. With its proximity to Kempegowda International Airport, Century Tisora ensures effortless travel for frequent flyers.

The area surrounding Century Tisora is well-developed with essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers in close vicinity. The renowned Manyata Tech Park is also just a short drive away from the project.

Commuting within Bangalore city becomes convenient due to the well-connected road network surrounding Century Tisora. The availability of public transportation options further adds to the accessibility factor of this luxurious residential development.

Investing in Century Tisora means not only embracing an opulent lifestyle but also enjoying seamless connectivity to key areas of Bangalore. With its unbeatable location advantages and ease of accessibility, Century Tisora stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking luxury living in Bangalore without compromising convenience and connectivity.

Amenities and Features

Century Tisora offers a plethora of amenities and features that cater to the needs and desires of modern luxury living in Bangalore. The project boasts of a well-equipped clubhouse, where residents can indulge in various recreational activities and socialize with fellow neighbors. The swimming pool provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, while the state-of-the-art gymnasium ensures fitness enthusiasts have all they need to maintain their workout routines.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Century Tisora offers beautifully landscaped gardens and parks where residents can take leisurely walks or relax amidst nature's beauty. The children's play area provides a safe space for kids to have fun and make friends.

In addition to these amenities, Century Tisora also provides 24/7 security surveillance for the safety and peace of mind of its residents. The project is designed with wide roads, ample parking spaces, and underground utilities to ensure convenience at every turn.

Furthermore, Century Tisora emphasizes sustainable living by incorporating rainwater harvesting systems, solar lighting solutions, waste management strategies, and green spaces throughout the community. This commitment to sustainability not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

With its range of amenities and features aimed at enhancing comfort, leisure, security, sustainability,and community living,Century Tisora sets itself apart as an ideal choice for those seeking luxurious villa plots in Bangalore.

Sustainability and Green Living at Century Tisora

Sustainability and green living are at the forefront of modern-day living, and Century Tisora in Doddaballapur Main Road, Bangalore is no exception. This luxury villa project has been designed with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices and creating a sustainable environment for its residents.

At Century Tisora, you will find an array of sustainable features that make this development stand out from the rest. The entire project has been planned to minimize its carbon footprint through the use of energy-efficient systems, rainwater harvesting techniques, and solar power generation. These initiatives not only help reduce environmental impact but also result in significant cost savings for homeowners.

The lush green landscaping within Century Tisora adds to the overall sustainability aspect of the project. Every effort has been made to preserve existing trees while planting new ones to enhance biodiversity. Residents can enjoy strolling along beautifully landscaped gardens or relax in serene outdoor spaces that promote well-being and harmony with nature.

Furthermore, Century Tisora promotes green transportation by providing dedicated cycling tracks and electric vehicle charging stations throughout the community. This encourages residents to embrace alternative modes of transport that are environmentally friendly.

Additionally, this luxury villa project incorporates sustainable construction materials such as recycled materials wherever possible. The buildings have been designed with ample natural light and ventilation to reduce dependency on artificial lighting and air conditioning.

By choosing Century Tisora as your home, you are not only investing in luxurious living but also contributing towards a greener future. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability at Century Tisora – where every day feels like a step towards a better tomorrow!

Advantages of Investing in Century Tisora

1. Prime Location: Situated on Doddaballapur Main Road, Century Tisora offers a prime location that is easily accessible from the city center and major hubs like Manyata Tech Park and Kempegowda International Airport.

2. Luxurious Living: With its meticulously designed villas and spacious plots, Century Tisora provides an unparalleled luxury living experience. The project boasts state-of-the-art amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and more.

3. Excellent Connectivity: Being located on Doddaballapur Main Road ensures excellent connectivity to other parts of Bangalore. Residents can enjoy seamless travel through well-connected roads and highways.

4. Appreciation Potential: Investing in Century Tisora holds immense potential for high returns on investment due to its strategic location and the reputation of the developer – Century Real Estate Group

5. Green Living: The project promotes sustainable living with ample green spaces, rainwater harvesting systems, solar-powered street lights, and waste management facilities.

6. Peaceful Environment: Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, residents can enjoy a serene environment at Century Tisora while still being close to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

7. Trustworthy Developer: With over four decades of experience in real estate development, Century Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd has earned a reputation for delivering quality projects that adhere to international standards.

Investing in Century Tisora not only promises a luxurious lifestyle but also assures great investment potential for long-term appreciation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own your dream home or make a smart investment choice!

Comparison with Other Luxury Projects in Bangalore

Century Tisora stands out among the numerous luxury projects in Bangalore, thanks to its exceptional features and amenities. While other projects may boast of similar offerings, Century Tisora truly sets itself apart with its blend of elegance, sustainability, and modern living.

In terms of location, Century Tisora enjoys a prime spot on Doddaballapur Main Road. This strategic position ensures easy accessibility to major landmarks and business districts in Bangalore. Other luxury projects may have desirable locations as well, but Century Tisora's proximity to prestigious residential areas like Prestige Royale Gardens adds an additional allure.

When it comes to amenities and features, Century Tisora leaves no stone unturned. The project offers a range of facilities including landscaped gardens, clubhouse with swimming pool, sports courts, children's play area, and more. These offerings are at par with those provided by other luxury projects in Bangalore.

However, what truly distinguishes Century Tisora is its commitment to sustainability and green living. The project incorporates eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting systems and solar power generation. This emphasis on sustainable living sets it apart from many other luxury projects that do not prioritize environmental conservation.

Investing in Century Tisora also comes with several advantages compared to other luxury projects in Bangalore. Apart from the stunning design aesthetics and top-notch construction quality that are common among these properties, Century Tisora provides excellent connectivity options along with a wide range of social infrastructure nearby which includes schools, hospitals etc

Overall, Century Tisora is indeed a stand out option when it comes to luxury living in Bangalore. Its prime location, luxurious amenities, sustainability efforts, and advantages over other projects make it the ideal choice for those seeking a privileged lifestyle in the city of Bangalore.

Why Century Tisora is the Ideal Choice for Luxury Living in Bangalore

Century Tisora stands out as the perfect choice for those seeking luxury living in Bangalore. With its unbeatable location, plethora of amenities, and commitment to sustainability, this project offers a lifestyle that is truly unparalleled.

Located on Doddaballapur Main Road near Prestige Royale Gardens, Century Tisora boasts excellent connectivity to key areas of the city. Whether it's work or leisure, everything you need is just a stone's throw away. The ease of access ensures that you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a serene oasis away from the chaos of city life and convenient proximity to all modern conveniences.

When it comes to amenities and features, Century Tisora leaves no stone unturned. From landscaped gardens and children's play area to an exclusive clubhouse with state-of-the-art facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and sports courts – every aspect has been thoughtfully designed keeping your needs in mind. There are also dedicated spaces for outdoor activities like jogging tracks and cycling paths so that you can lead an active lifestyle without leaving the comfort of your community.

One aspect that sets Century Tisora apart is its emphasis on sustainability and green living. The project incorporates eco-friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting systems, solar lighting solutions, organic waste management practices, and more. By choosing Century Tisora as your home, not only will you be investing in luxury but also making a positive impact on the environment.

In terms of investment potential, Century Tisora holds great promise. As one of Bangalore's most sought-after locations with high demand for luxury properties, investing here ensures long-term appreciation value. The reputation of Century Real Estate adds another layer of trustworthiness to this project.

While there may be other luxury projects in Bangalore competing for attention,CenturyTisorastands out with its exquisite design,sustainability focus, and unparalleled amenities. It offers a lifestyle that is both opulent and environmentally conscious, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a privileged living experience in the city.


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