About Devika Group

Devika Group is a prominent real estate company with a legacy of over 68 years. Since its establishment in 1954, Devika Group has successfully delivered 35 projects and developed over 6 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate. With deep roots across the nation and a strong presence in the Delhi, NCR region, Devika Group has earned a reputation for unparalleled leadership and excellence, recognized by trusted clients and industry peers alike.

Why Choose Devika Group

Legacy of Excellence: Devika Group's 68-year journey in the real estate market is a testament to its dedication to learning, growth, and achievement. The company’s long-standing reputation is built on the foundation of its pioneering concept of ‘Green Building,’ which emphasizes innovation and environmental consciousness.

Impressive Achievements:

  • Developed over 6 million square feet of real estate.
  • Successfully delivered 36 projects.
  • Proudly served 11,000 happy customers.
  • Maintained a legacy of excellence for over 70 years.

Message from the Managing Director

"Running a business has never been about the first success but rather about the next one awaited. Devika Group has been redefining the real estate industry ever since its establishment in 1954. The simple reason is our power of vision and the courage to see the future together. The foresight and boldness that we have achieved with our years of efforts and experience have blessed us with our enviable position as the respected industry leader that we are today.

We thrive to maintain our pioneered concept of ‘Green Building’ through our team’s expertise in innovation and environmental consciousness. When these qualities are combined with our leadership abilities spanning over three generations, it has now resulted in us being a profound community of real estate professionals who value the trust of our clients and focus on an aim to always keep growing further. Teamwork unlike any other and a mission to keep achieving is Devika Group’s valuable asset. With the same spirit and enthusiasm, I am sure Devika Group will keep being the reputed developers that we are and the people’s favorite for the future coming years of perfected excellence and greater success."

What We Do

With leadership spanning over three generations, Devika Group is led by seasoned real estate professionals who deeply understand the importance of trust and responsibility. The Group has unmatched experience in developing iconic office and commercial buildings in Delhi, each project building upon the last and pushing boundaries to set new standards for excellence.

Our Commitment

For over three generations, Devika Group has been led by experienced professionals who understand the profound responsibility of carrying the company’s legacy forward. They recognize the trust placed by clients and actively work to cultivate it. This dedication to exceeding expectations is evident in Devika Group's development of iconic office and commercial properties in Delhi.

Why Devika Group Stands Out

Devika Group is one of the best real estate construction companies in India, active in house construction, real estate development, and property development. With a strong presence in Delhi, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Vrindavan, Devika Group is recognized as a top builder and property developer. Whether you are looking to rebuild your home or invest in commercial property, Devika Group’s legacy of excellence and innovation makes it the ideal choice.

Key Highlights

  • Experienced Leadership: Guided by seasoned real estate professionals across three generations.
  • Innovative Approach: Pioneers of the ‘Green Building’ concept, focusing on innovation and environmental sustainability.
  • Trusted Reputation: Recognized as one of the best real estate developers in Delhi and across India.
  • Iconic Projects: Developing office and commercial buildings that become landmarks.

Choose Devika Group and become part of a legacy that is redefining the construction industry. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on environmental consciousness, Devika Group continues to build not just structures, but a lasting legacy.

Devika Group is at the forefront of real estate innovation with a range of exciting new ventures. Their upcoming projects showcase cutting-edge design and sustainable practices, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Devika Group's new projects continue to push the boundaries of excellence, incorporating modern amenities and thoughtful planning. Their pre-launch projects offer early access to some of the most sought-after developments, while the new launch projects reflect their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Discover the future of real estate with Devika Group's visionary initiatives and join a legacy of trust and innovation.